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Comparing Interfaces Based on What Users Watch and Do

TitleComparing Interfaces Based on What Users Watch and Do
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsCrowe, E. C., and N. H. Narayanan
Conference NameProceedings of the Eye Tracking Research & Applications Symposium
ISBN Number1-58113-280-8

This paper describing the use of Attention-Action Timeline, a data visualization technique developed by the authors to observer and measure how users of a visualization spend their time interacting with various controls of the animation, and where they look between those actions. The authors maintain that such comprehensive data of user behavior will help researchers evaluate the effectiveness of the visualization interfaces. The paper describes the first step towards developing a toolkit to facilitate such research. They describe an eye-tracking tool that they have developed and integrated with a modified version of HalVis. The paper then describes an experiment the authors conducted with the original keyboard-mouse Halvis, and the modified version of HalVis as an example of how their AAT can be used to evaluate interfaces.