{\rtf1\ansi\deff0\deftab360 {\fonttbl {\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial} {\f1\froman\fcharset0 Times New Roman} {\f2\fswiss\fcharset0 Verdana} {\f3\froman\fcharset2 Symbol} } {\colortbl; \red0\green0\blue0; } {\info {\author Biblio}{\operator }{\title Biblio RTF Export}} \f1\fs24 \paperw11907\paperh16839 \pgncont\pgndec\pgnstarts1\pgnrestart Orsega, M. C., B. T. Vander Zanden, and C. H. Skinner, "Two experiments using learning rate to evaluate an experimenter developed tool for splay trees", \i Proceedings of the 42nd ACM technical symposium on Computer science education\i0 , New York, NY, USA, ACM, pp. 135?140, 2011.\par \par }