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AACE - Algorithm Animation for Computer Science Education.

TitleAACE - Algorithm Animation for Computer Science Education.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsGloor, P. A.
Conference NameProceedings of the 1992 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages
Date Published09/1992
Conference LocationSeattle, WA, USA
ISBN Number0-8186-3090-6
Accession Number4488392

Describes an effort to put the Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest book online with a combined hypermedia content section and a collection of algorithm animations. The algorithm animations are implemented in HyperCard, with some use of AddMotion.


Visualizer requirements: Rapid development; easy to learn for CSmajors: do not use GUI but simple scripting!; portable; homogenuous: uniform and easy to use interface; support color and sound; speed control with graceful degradation; hypertext support (author used HyperCard); VCR-type controller; controller should emphasize main steps (where appropriate/possible); consistent control for all elements; see also “10 commandments'' in (Gloo:98a)! Two different types of views: unified view-based: view suited for a certain class of algorithm, adapted slightly for each algorithm but still emphasizing common interface. Structure-based view stresses particular aspects of each algorithm and emphasizes main points. Unified view-based animation allows for easier algorithm comparisons due to common base; easy to adapt to other related algorithms. Structure view-based animation: more effort needed to animate algorithms; algo must be understood thoroughly before meaningful representation is found; communicates intrinsic working better.