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From animation to analysis in introductory computer science.

TitleFrom animation to analysis in introductory computer science.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsRasala, R., V. K. Proulx, and H. J. Fell
Conference NameSIGCSE '94: Proceedings of the twenty-fifth SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education
Conference LocationPhoenix, Arizona, USA
ISBN Number0-89791-646-8

Very interesting paper. Not about algorithm visualization per se, but rather on how algorithm visualization was one part of an active learning exercise in a first-year (CS2??) course. The students were given animations (and implementations) for various sorting algorithms. They had to study the algorithms, and do performance runs on them (including variations on the algorithms, and various test cases such as sorted vs. random data). They had to produce a report on relative performance, both empirical and analytical. Authors report that students became highly engaged and enthusiastic about this, internalizing well the various performance differences. The students reportedly put great effort into doing a good job on their reports.