OpenDSA repository re-organization

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I have now made a major reorganization to the OpenDSA repository (both the developer repository at GitHub and the official release repository at SourceForge). The most important points are:

* The OpenDSA repository now contains the official JSAV release, and the directory structure for Modules, AVs, and Exercises.

* While the repository contains the official release of JSAV, all clients (meaning the modules and AVs) will now directly reference the "official URL" at

* Exercises reference the Khan Academy exercise infrastructure, but this is not in the repository. The assumption is that the user will install khan-exercises from their GitHub repository as a sibling directory.

* There is a hard separation between JSAV "examples" and OpenDSA AVs. The only file that currently overlaps the two is ShellsortAlt.html for access reasons that will eventually go away and then this will be removed/renamed.) Making this separation greatly eases the mechanics of making a new JSAV release.