JSAV Version 0.4.1 released: Major update to OpenDSA content as well

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Announcing a new release: JSAV 0.4.1. While it is officially a "minor point release", in reality it represents a major step forward from our point of view. First the JSAV release changes:

(Version 0.4.1 was posted to SourceForge on February 24, 2012)

* Completed support for grading of proficiency exercises that use trees
* Heap support as a JSAV "extra"
* Support for placing graphics primitives like lines, circles, rectangles

Internally, there was a massive reorganization to the OpenDSA directory structure. For developers this should simplify some things. For the outside user, the only thing that you see from this aspect is perhaps a few simplified URLs.

Content-wise, we announce a major step forward in terms of the OpenDSA content.

* A whole bunch of new module prototypes at http://algoviz.org/OpenDSA/build . Most of these do not contain any visualizations or live exercises. But a few do. The ones to check out are:

** Shellsort.html: This example is the most complete

** Heap.html: With new proficiency exercises

** HeapSort.html: With a new proficiency exercise

** InsertionSort.html: New visualization

** SelectionSort.html: New visualization

* We are now using the Khan Academy exercise infrastructure to build various exercise types. For examples, see: http://algoviz.org/OpenDSA/Exercises. Our version of the Khan infrastructure comes with the distribution.

* The ODSA file preprocessor supports use of LaTeX format for equations

* We have taken our first tentative steps toward a prototype "Knowledge Map" in the style of the Khan Academy exercise graph. It doesn’t quite work yet, more news on that is coming soon.


We will demo all this at SIGCSE (including the Knowledge Map). If you are there, please come see us at Booth 515!